Citizen of the Year – 2020

Brethren, we should all be very proud of W. Bro. Al White who was recently named North Battlelfords 2020 Citizen of the year. He is a retired RCMP S/Sgt.,  who served overseas as a Peace Keeper,

Real Estate Agent & a Past President of the Sask. Real Estate Association, a Member of the Battleford’s Union Hospital Foundation.  He has been very active in various other Community activities.  As well, as you can see above, he is also a Certifies, Professional Lobster Cooker.  Congratulations Bro. Al.

2020 Ionic Lodge 31 Officers

Officers present at Installation from left to right: W. Bro. Gordon Yarde, Bro. Gordon Whitton, W. Bro. Mark Barclay, M. W. Bro. Don Finan, Bro. Kevin Garner, Bro. Alvin Laudinez, W. Bro. Arturo Gal-man Master of the Lodge, Bro. Marlon Francisco, W. Bro. Rod Munn, W. Bro. Peter Hogger, Rt. W. Bro. Kevin Monsebroten, Bro. Trevor Horton, Bro. Mariano Ong.


Brethren, we held our reg. meeting on Friday, Nov. 8.  The main     order of business was the Election of 2020 Officers:

W.M. – Bro Art Galman
S.W. –  Bro. Kevin Garner
J.W. –  W Bro. Rod Munn
IPM – W. Bro. Mark Barclay
S.D. – Bro. Gordon Whitton
J.D.  – Bro. Mariano Ong
I.G. –  Bro. Marion Francisco
CHAPLAIN – Bro. Trevor Horton
S.S. – Bro Rob Florence
J.S. –  Bro. Alvin Laudinez
Asst. Stewards – Bro’s Daniel Sager and Mark Miller
ORGANIST – V.W. Bro. Peter Hogger and W. Bro. Darrel Yates
PIPER – V.W. Bro Jim Ramsay
SEC. – M.W. Bro. Don Finan
TREASURER – R.W. Bro. Kevin Monsebroten
D of C – W. Bro. Al White
TYLER – R.W. Bro. Kevin Monsebroten

A short Remembrance Service was held in honor of those who who served their Country.

W. Bro. Al White made a cheque presentation, in the amount of over $400.00 to Ionic Lodge and received by W.M. W. Bro. Mark Barclay.  The funds were as a result of volunteer Traffic Control duties performed by Bro. White at “Ag In Motion”, this past Summer.  Thank you Bro. Al.

Ag in Motion is the largest agricultural trade show in Western Canada that provides an outdoor venue for progressive farmers that want to see and feel the latest agricultural innovations all in one place. Ag in Motion brings innovation to the field through interactive exhibits and live field and crop plot demonstrations.

DISTRICT # 7 MEETING – OCT. 26, 2019

Brethren, here are some photos taken at the District Meeting at Britannia # 23, on October 26, 2019.

M. W. Bro. Don Ford presenting a Past Master certificate to W. Bro. Ryan Janki from Britannia Lodge #23.

 M.W. Bro. Ford presenting MM certificate to Bro. Peter Tyrell from Britannia lodge.

  W. Bro. Mark Barclay receives a Secretary/ Treasurer pin from the DDGM.

M.W. Bro. Ford and R. W. Bro. Bill Swiderski upon the presentation of R.W. Bro. Robert St. Germain’s Past DDGM apron, and  V.W. Bro David Campbell’s Past Grand Steward certificate.

M.W. Bro. Ford and R. W. Bro. Bill Bryce present the ‘Bill Bryce District #7 Speak Off Trophy to Bro. Harvey Johnson from Unity-Kilwinning #73. Also participating was V.W. Bro. David Campbell from Britannia Lodge #23 and Bro. Sean Peterson from Ionic #31.

It’s not just being a man. It’s being a Mason.


Brethren, here are some photos taken during our October 1W.M1 Lodge Meeting.

 W.M. W.Bro. Mark Barclay; Bro. Kirk Gessner; Bro. Andrew Sneddon, just initiated, and District 7 DDGM, R.W. Bro. Bill Swiderski.

V.W. Bro. Richard Gibbons receiving, IONIC Lodge Mason of the Year Award.

DDGM presented Ionic with a serving tray handcrafted by the Swiderski family (built by his son with artwork by his daughter).

Group photos of those in the East (Unity Kilwinning and Lloydminster were well represented!) Photographer for the evening, Bro. Alvin Laudinez.  


Bro. Peterson who Proved up in the 1st Deg., M.W. Bro. Don Finan along with Bro. Gifford who Proved up in the 2nd Deg.
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In early September, W. Bro. Mark Barclay had an opportunity to enjoy a fraternal visit to Malta Lodge #131 in Grand Forks, ND. On that evening, Malta officers conducted a Rusty Nail degree, which is an opportunity for Brethren to ‘brush up’ on ritual- such as passwords, grips, and opening and closing in each degree. What a perfect opportunity to learn! Much was familiar, but certainly subtle differences were apparent; as WM, for example, I do not wear a top hat! A light dinner was served prior to the meeting, and I was very fortunate that W. Bro. Greg Bryson not only picked me up and drove me back to the hotel, but gave me a tour of their lodge as well. As you can see, I exchanged pins and hats with the 3 Principal officers. An excellent evening overall! Pictured in the group Photo from left to right are: Frank Whitmer JW, W. Bro. Mark Barclay, Geoff Benson WM Malta Lodge #131, Randy Shear SW, W. Bro. Greg Bryson, Chad Kainz DDGM District #4 ND. 

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Brethren, just to let you know that our Worshipful Master was active during our Summer Recess. Here are a couple of photos proving the same:  July 10 a number of Ionic Members attended Unity Lodge Steak BBQ, excellent.  W. Bro. Mark Barclay presented the “Traveling Mall” from Ionic to Unity. Accepting it on behalf of Unity Lodge, was R.W. Bro. Norm Potter. I’m sure it will be returned later this year or next.

W. Bro.  Barclay is seen chauffeuring District 7 DDGM, R.W. Bro. Bill Swiderski and Bro. Trevor Horton to the North Battleford Parade on Tuesday, August 13.  Well done WM.

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Brethren, we held our Regular Meeting on Friday, April 13, with the Raising of Bro’s Marcel Gullion & Adam Naciri.  Congratulations on receiving your Master Masons Degree.  There was a good turnout with visitors from Saskatoon.  Our Grand Jr. Warden, R.W. Bro. Dean Elliott was in attendance and took part in the Degree.  Bro. Naciri brought a beautifully decorated cake for the Festive Board.  Almost to nice to eat!

Some photos from the York Rite Information event held at Ionic Lodge.