Brethren, we held our reg. meeting on Friday, Nov. 8.  The main     order of business was the Election of 2020 Officers:

W.M. – Bro Art Galman
S.W. –  Bro. Kevin Garner
J.W. –  W Bro. Rod Munn
IPM – W. Bro. Mark Barclay
S.D. – Bro. Gordon Whitton
J.D.  – Bro. Mariano Ong
I.G. –  Bro. Marion Francisco
CHAPLAIN – Bro. Trevor Horton
S.S. – Bro Rob Florence
J.S. –  Bro. Alvin Laudinez
Asst. Stewards – Bro’s Daniel Sager and Mark Miller
ORGANIST – V.W. Bro. Peter Hogger and W. Bro. Darrel Yates
PIPER – V.W. Bro Jim Ramsay
SEC. – M.W. Bro. Don Finan
TREASURER – R.W. Bro. Kevin Monsebroten
D of C – W. Bro. Al White
TYLER – R.W. Bro. Kevin Monsebroten

A short Remembrance Service was held in honor of those who who served their Country.

W. Bro. Al White made a cheque presentation, in the amount of over $400.00 to Ionic Lodge and received by W.M. W. Bro. Mark Barclay.  The funds were as a result of volunteer Traffic Control duties performed by Bro. White at “Ag In Motion”, this past Summer.  Thank you Bro. Al.

Ag in Motion is the largest agricultural trade show in Western Canada that provides an outdoor venue for progressive farmers that want to see and feel the latest agricultural innovations all in one place. Ag in Motion brings innovation to the field through interactive exhibits and live field and crop plot demonstrations.